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Coconut Ice Cream by Mona Farrugia

Mona Farrugia shares her recipe for a brilliant and wonderful coconut ice-cream which requires absolutely no cooking.

Coconut Ice Cream by Mona Farrugia


Main Ingredient Cream
Preparation Time 5-15 minutes
Cooking Time No cooking required
Course Dessert
Recipe Serves 8
Recipe Type Ice-Cream

Four years ago I realised that in the height of our summer, I could eat but one thing: ice cream.

This put me in a quandary. Unless I turned into Heston and started producing Minestra Ice-Cream or Brodu Granita I was going to end up diabetic or fat or both.

So I started developing low-carb ice-creams. Low-carb lends itself to icecreamery (this is a word I have just invented: please do not bother looking it up) that I could eat, sitting in the garden with Ganni on my lap (he does not understand that I do not need a fur cushion in the 38C heat) and the latest US Vogue. And I managed.

Moreover, I wanted to go a step further. The French method for ice-cream, based as it is on a custard formula, relies heavily on cooking egg yolks. And who in their right mind wants to spend half an hour standing in front of the stove? After all you can’t even eat it immediately.

The Writer had bought me, as a gift (to himself), one of those ice-cream machines which you need to freeze for 8 hours before using. Again, I am impulsive. Finding myself completely frustrated at a machine which needed more planning than a wedding, I went to Divertimenti in the UK and bought the gorgeous Cuisinart stainless steel semi-professional machine. This, bizarrely, has developed rust stains, but hey, on the inside all is still fine. For the three months of summer that machine is my bestest friend ever.

So I developed a no-cooking, no-sweat ice-cream which is thick, luscious and, due to the way sugar reacts with cream at -4C, soft enough to scoop.  Here I share with you my latest discovery, cold off the press. I am including a sugar version and another for those who are diabetic or like me, do not feel like throwing all their clothes away and buying a new batch that is 3 sizes bigger after summer is over.


It is lush and wonderful and, I find, a perfect closure to an Indian meal.


You need:


  • 2 large eggs


  • 150 grams sugar


  • half a cup of Agave Syrup and 4 teaspoons of Xylitol


  • 450ml fresh cream or double cream


  • 225ml goat’s milk or full-fat cow’s milk


  • 100ml of good quality coconut cream


  • 2 tablespoons of coconut liqueur




I prefer to use a whisking machine although if you feel like you can go for it using a hand-whisk and a good stainless steel bowl.


Whisk the eggs for around two minutes until you can see they are pale and very light and fluffy. Then, a little at a time, add your sweetening agents, while still whisking. If using Agave and xylitol, first pour in the agave, then add the xylitol a teaspoon at a time. Do this for around another minute or until it has dissolved.


Still whisking, add the cream, and then the milk, soon followed by the coconut cream. When all is incorporated, add the two tablespoons of liqueur and hey presto! That’s it. Your ‘cooking’ is ready.


Then pour the mix into your ice-cream machine and blend for around two hours. If you are not lucky enough to have one, pour it into a freezer-safe plastic container and every hour or so take it out and blend it again. This will break down the ice-crystals and give you a creamy, rather than rock-solid, mix.

To serve, you do not need to go as far as hulling out a coconut shell but I do like to toast a few coconut flakes under the grill until they are slightly crisp and flick them on top.


Lick lips and share with all your friends not by giving them some but by hitting the ‘like’ button (above left): let them make their own.



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